Viera Town Center

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Viera, Florida

Viera is a master planned community containing over 50 neighborhoods, shopping, dining, medical and industrial parks and a series of recreational facilities, all situated along side the planned 5,000 acre conservation area, known as The Viera Wilderness Park.  Its land, owned and developed by the Viera Company, has a rich history and exists today as grazing land for the cattle, raised by A. Duda & Sons. Situated at the core of all the current and future development will be Viera’s Town Center.  From the Monday morning jog to the Friday evening movie in the park, it was paramount to focus on the role of the public realm, including Viera’s: parks, streets, sidewalks and trails within the Town Center and surrounding neighborhoods.  Focusing on connectivity while studying form, scale, proportion and material, DH+P’s goal was to create a vision that focused on the everyday user, whether resident or visitor.  Rather than creating a Vision Plan from above, Viera’s Town Center Vision was portrayed by the DH+P team through the eyes of the everyday user, harmonizing their experiences with the natural landscape


  • The Viera Company

Design Team:

  • Dix.Hite+Partners

Project Services:

  • Visioning

Cattle graze in the foreground, while distant Sabal Palms break into the skyline.This paints a perfect image of what this place once was...

Viera’s history begins with the Central Florida landscape being utilized and tended by its ranch family, once using the land for its ability to grow crops and support livestock, in exchange for maintenance and care.

Just as the use of leather on the saddle has evolved into its use on the steering wheel of the commuter vehicle, Viera, the land and its population, have evolved throughout the decades. Although in a different medium, one thing remains constant; the need for exchange between the people and the land.

It is for that reason that as we begin to look into the future of this place that we focus on its population to be and the landscape that will surround them.

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                                                                        A week in the life of a Viera resident…

It’s important to think of how the public realm, including: parks, streets, sidewalks and a town center will be used by its residents and visitors. Viera’s sense of place, and therefore success will be defined by the form, scale, proportion, character, and connectivity of these spaces. Pulling from the site’s unique and rich culture is an essential element to include into the design of these spaces.