Maitland Art and History Museum


maitland, florida

A National Historic Monument, Maitland Art and History Museums comprise two campuses of historic buildings which currently house an art gallery, studios for visiting artists and local history museums.  The Museums span two sites, with multiple buildings on each campus. A master signage and wayfinding design was needed to help visitors navigate the various spaces and identify the six museums.

The wayfinding design needed to celebrate, not compete, with the historic architecture.   A simple, yet bold, design element was identified and then translated into the varying signage type needs identified.  Each museum was assigned a unique color, which was incorporated into each building's signage. The colorful building monument markers placed strategically around the site to help visitors find buildings throughout the site.

As the Maitland Art Center's campus is a designated National Historic Site, each building is a protected structure.  Consequently no signs could be affixed to the structures.  Paver signs were utilized in these areas for directional signage.  While not penetrating the walls of the historic structures, this technique also allows unobstructed views of both the architecture and campus.

Photography by Beverly Brosius


  • Maitland Art and History Museums

Design Team:

  • Dix.Hite+Partners

  • Media1

Project Services:

  • Environmental Graphics

  • Wayfinding