Indigo at Bartram Park



Texture and color. Our design inspiration began with a vision of native grasses casting shadows against a smooth white stucco wall. The texture and refinement of that visual evolved into village walls acting as an extension of the architecture into the landscape.

The rich organic color palette of the buildings was an essential design element. The deep tones provide high contrast to the stucco masonry of the buildings and walls, and cleverly balance color diversity and sophistication. The bold use of the "indigo" blue accents in the signage, planter pots and glass details are intended to be unexpected and playful. Ultimately it is the creative use of color that distinguishes this project from any other and captures your attention.

Design and Architecture. The site plan was designed around the idea of a central core comprising of the clubhouse, amenities and a colorful streetscape with Crape Myrtle trees. The clubhouse was purposefully located to be the most prominent building on the site and has truly become the heart of the apartment community. The entrance parking court was nestled between existing Turkey Oaks to emphasize the importance of designing with nature. The existing saw palmetto on the site became an icon as we moved forward into the design details. Not only did we use the saw palmetto as a dominant landscape accent we captured its unique form in many artistic ways throughout the site.

The buildings are evocative of both the colonial houses found in St. Augustine, Florida and the French Colonial plantation architecture that is prevalent in New Orleans, Louisiana. The architectural style is charming and helps establish a unique sense of place for the location. Pedestrian Gateways with cedar arbors and gates flank both sides of the clubhouse to help create a unique pedestrian experience emphasizing the walkability. Sidewalks throughout the project are bordered by native grasses, sabal palm groves and village walls which help direct views and create a casual framework that leads you through the apartment community.

Amenities. The jewel of the project is the intimate courtyard style pool that functions as an outdoor room for social gatherings. A unique artistic fountain spills water from copper scuppers into the pool and instantly transports you into a vacation frame of mind. All of the key residential amenities wrap around the pool and help foster a social environment for the residents. A magnificent silver date palm and spa arbor provides a view corridor to the pond and heavily treed backdrop.


  • Daniel Corporation

Design Team:

  • Dix.Hite+Partners

Project Services:

  • Amenity Design

  • Public Realm Design

  • Environmental Graphics

  • Color Design