FDOT Interstate Corridor


Central Florida

In conjunction with FDOT’s BOLD INITIATIVE our design was inspired by the CAPTURED MOMENTS of Florida’s famous artists, “The Highwaymen”. We proposed to boldly express the user Experience through the elements of WATER + CANOPY + SKY. WATER is a unifying element throughout the corridor and is easily transferable to system elements.  CANOPY defines the edges of waterways as well as the interstate experience.  SKY can be the most influential yet overlooked environmental factor that influences a traveler’s perception. Many factors were considered in the design process:

• Perception of Detail vs Speed, higher speeds require bigger, bolder design statements that can be easily perceived and understood within mere seconds.

• Natural Systems, The “CAPTURED MOMENTS” concept capitalizes on and extends this approach by creating “mental postcards” of the traveler’s journey.  By celebrating the distinct environmental features and creatures of Central Florida, visitors will gain a positive lasting impression about the beauty of our region and residents will gain an appreciation and reinforced pride for the same by the artful expression of our WATER + CANOPY + SKY.

• COLOR, we used bold strokes of permanent COLOR in select hardscape elements and in seasonal color of landscape elements. BLUE LED lighting at bridges and columns continues the impact into nighttime.  Overall, the SKY offers the best color display with breathtaking sunrises, clouds and sunsets.

• WILDLIFE, central Florida is blessed with numerous BIRD species that are highly adaptable and visible throughout the system. They were the unifying elements along the corridor and were featured as poetic art elements at key nodes that offer long distance sightlines, expansive views and water.

• ART & LIGHT, highways can be ubiquitous and monotonous experiences for travelers.  The CAPTURED MOMENTS used Art + Light to create highly memorable and iconic “mental postcards” of the traveler’s journey along the corridor.

The design boldly expressed the design elements of WATER + CANOPY + SKY through the development of natural systems, color, wildlife, art & light.  By carefully combining these simple elements in bold expressive forms, this promised to create a truly iconic and memorable experience for the traveler and Central Florida resident alike.

Project Services:

  • Landscape Architecture

  • Environmental Art

  • Visioning