Reflections: Favorite Projects


Paige Ishmael, PLA, joined the Dix.Hite Birmingham, Ala. office in 2014 after earning a Master of Landscape Architecture from Auburn University. She recently became licensed as a Professional Landscape Architect. Paige is not only great at visioning and landscape design--as proven on projects ranging from corporate headquarters to residences--but she also has an eye for color that positioned her perfectly to lead the firm's color-studio practice. Here, she reflects on some of her favorite recent work.

My favorite color-design project is Creekside at Providence, a multi-family development in Mt. Juliet, Tenn., developed by the Dobbins Group. The architecture was complex and we were able to really bring the site to life with a dynamic color palette.

There is an undulating pattern of depth and light that changes as you look across the landscape. Also, the colors of the buildings were carried into other elements, such as the planters, the accent tile and fabric on the furnishings, which all worked together to create a cohesive aesthetic.


Creekside at Providence: The architecture was complex and we brought the site to life with color.

[Image courtesy of Fogelman Management Group]

Another of my favorite recent projects is The Henry at Fritz Farm, a multi-family component of the new Summit in Lexington, Ky.  I really enjoyed working on this site because it’s located in my hometown and a part of a larger development that is helping catalyze interest in a fairly underutilized part of town. 

I held this design close to my heart throughout the entire design process from concept to the built finished product.  I feel like our end result is a high-end product that offers the residents of Lexington a new way of living that wasn’t yet seen in the city. Residents can live in a place with resort-style amenities and are able to walk to high-end shops and fine dining.

The private residence on Greystone Crest here in Birmingham was a phenomenal project to work on.  It was truly a testament to the power of design, and the positive experience that landscape architecture can bring to a client’s daily life simply through utilizing the natural landscape in an artistic way.  I started working on this project during my first week at Dix.Hite and I came in at the end of the design process.  Seeing the careful thought that was put into the details of this site and the high-end result told me immediately I was at a firm that holds the craft of design at the highest of levels.    

Private Residence.jpg

Private residence on Greystone Crest in Birmingham, Ala.: Truly a testament to the power of design.

Careful thought was put into the details.


The Henry at Fritz Farm: I held the design close to my heart.

A high-end product that offers residents a new way of living that wasn’t yet seen in the city.