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jEFF dIX, CO-fOUNDER, BECOMES a 'cHIEF dREAMER' for the firm


Jeff will always have a place at the table at Dix.Hite, colleagues have said, and it’s for more than just his design chops.

Jeff Dix exemplifies service leadership. Described by colleagues as inspiring in his ability to find design solutions and apply art to landscape architecture like no other, it’s his personal style and gentle guidance that peers say have been critical to building a world-class firm.

“With the wealth of experience he has, sometimes you’re in awe of his abilities,” said Ryan Collins, managing principal of the firm’s Birmingham, Ala. office. “But he doesn’t come in and just lay down the law. He comes in and makes suggestions. Then, at the end, he says, ‘Or, you can do it another way.’”

“To be able to stand there and imagine what can be, what the possibilities are, that is an amazing skill,” said company president Christina Hite. “And beyond the artistry of what he does, Jeff just plain-and-simple has integrity. That’s what it’s all about: integrity.”

As Jeff and his wife Debbie have begun transitioning into retirement, (or, as their colleagues prefer to call it, becoming the firm’s “chief dreamers,”) Jeff expressed his appreciation for the work culture at Dix.Hite.

“We explore ideas. We challenge each other with, ‘what if?’ And with, ‘why not?’” he said. It’s a culture rooted in the firm’s founding, which Jeff said required collaboration from the get-go.

“I never had an intention to start my own business, because my father did that and I watched how hard he had to work,” Jeff said. “But I did it anyways, and Debbie really encouraged me that I could do it, and that was a big key to me. At the start, my personal and professional life became intertwined immediately. Being a part of the family, we have to get to know folks, how great they are as people, and trust in what they do.”

Also an artist whose acrylic paintings have been featured at art shows, Jeff plans to travel frequently with Debbie in their Airstream travel-trailer, and find natural landscapes to inspire more artwork.

Jeff will always have a place at the table at Dix.Hite, colleagues have said, and it’s for more than just his design chops. Jamie Wright, a principal at the firm who has worked with Jeff more than 20 years, summed it up succinctly.

“He’s just a really great guy. A friend. A good person,” Jamie said.


Jeff exemplifies service leadership.


Jeff has begun transitioning into retirement, or, as colleagues prefer to call it, he's now a “chief dreamer.”