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Established in 1994, Dix.Hite + Partners, a young and progressive, award winning landscape architecture firm, successfully integrates outstanding technical ability with art and design.


Our strength in landscape architecture begins with the land planning process. We strive to work with the unique characteristics inherent to each site, both enhancing and protecting the natural features of the land. We then give a great deal of attention to the project vision, conceptual design and image creation; all key components to a successful project. Services such as logo design, marketing graphics, renderings, and building color studies are often part of this scope. Hardscape and landscape design is then carefully considered to reinforce the land plan objectives. Great concern is given to the smallest detail. Finally, we see the project vision to completion through our construction observation process. Our approach to design is hands-on, and designers work closely with the client, architect and contractor to ensure the desired result.


Dix.Hite + Partners takes pride in not only creating unique, functional, dynamic exterior spaces, but also works of art.




Successful place-making is our goal. We strive to create spaces that reflect the character, history, and context of a given site, while enhancing human connectivity and experience. Creating quality “Places” is our objective and is the expression of our art.


The quest for quality design drives our firm.  We find that good design is timeless, solves the right problems, and in the end, tells its own story. We also find that good design solutions are not always easy or obvious, and success is usually only achieved through hard work.




Design, in the end, is about creating better things for people; the process begins with inspiration from our client’s goals, site ecology, a region’s historic context, and the potential of what could be. Early integration of the project team is also very important. As landscape architects on the team, we find that we can serve as the important link between site work and architecture. We strive to create excellence in design by understanding modern patterns of living, current construction techniques, and developing fresh ideas. Most important is attention to detail. The details are not just the details - they make the design.

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